Monday, January 30, 2012

Understanding Veils

Veils can be light weight, medium weight, heavy weight and so on.  Until one is removed it is difficult to determine the personal effect of the veil's weight.   The person who lives on the other side of the wall from me has been away for a few days.  The veil of violence and abuse has been removed from this small corner of existence.  I don't have to sense or be on alert about what he is doing, so I can avoid any unnecessary interactions.   I had almost forgot about that veil, since it has become a coping mechanism that I just need to deal with.  It triggered my thinking about other veils and lists.

What I will miss:

Gurudev and his wisdom, love, and teachings 
new friends
extensive time for meditation and contemplation
historical buildings
the marvel of the unexpected

What I won't miss:

pedestrians not having the right of way
honking horns
loud music
screaming/crying children
blaring television
routine power outages
running out of water (but that has improved)
open sewer canals
urine saturated walls
undrinkable water
mentally assaulted multiple times a day
spitting, ball scratching, farting, burping, staring men
(women could have part of this list too)
aggressive begging
periodic violent sickness
seeing severely infested or injured animals
feces et al awareness while walking
high dust/pollution levels
open garbage piles (everywhere)
litter (everywhere)
washing myself and clothes out of a bucket
acute food awareness

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