Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lady Gaga at Coachella Musical Festival Times Two

Crazy amazing to get to see Lady Gaga live two weekends in a row at one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S, Coachella. 100k people and they were all well behaved!! Check mark of a different kind. VIP parking and wristband as a guest. Fortunate to be near the front in the group. Only went to see her, so it wasn't an exhausting day in the sun absorbing large concentrations of blasting music. Her time slot started at 11:30 pm and went for two hours.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Death. Inevitable, but a remarkable opportunity for reflection. The unexpected, the temporariness, the clarity of transition from the form, the significance of amassing material items, the shift from the loss, and ... Giddy-up! Living in the form is precious. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Serious Crack and Insight

View from the grounds of Two Bunch Palms Spa/Wellness Center
After a year of returning to riding and teaching, the stagnation/pain of the horse industry is evident and a reminder of what sent me to India six years ago. Walking and visiting all of the different places of worship in the Jaipur hills is coming in handy--the sensing practice of the different  vibrations/textures of the sites.

While spending a day at Two Bunch Palms preparing for the Selfseeds launch gave me tremendous insight into humans in an active evolutionary effort on a mind, body, and soul level. I realized that the texture/teachings at the spa is what riders need to embody to deepen their timing and feel for riding. Riding and teaching on my off day reminded me of the texture I prefer to work in with the horses and riders. Sensing the texture of a work day and the environment at the very big horse show has been triggering an all too familiar pain response that is most ignited by the animal world. It provided a serious crack and insight. I can find the inner state, but it doesn't solve the outer state.

The message that followed: develop an equestrian facility that is next door to an educational spa, so it would be a wellness/awareness facility for humans/animals. It would address the evolutionary needs for both groups. I checked with the person who is a consultant for launching Selfseeds at Two Bunch Palms et al. She thought it would be a "home run" for both. Sign me up!!!

Fun water feature at the spa with turtles, ducks, and fish.
Contemplating it all... Grace!
Ducks sleeping in the early morning.
Texture of light and matter.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Surrender Pile Still In Active Use

Relentless study of the self and the outer world. Trying to understand the uniqueness of us all. That study took me down a messy, blind alley. Judgement, ignorance, limited understanding, inappropriate stories, and more were the shortcomings. Back to my "self" study and a trip to the surrender pile with other humans in it. Just knowing we are all One and energetically connected are what guidelines I need to live by.

Life in the winter desert is remarkable with seventy degree days.

Learning the alphabet of sound through my voice and the guitar. It sets me on fire like the spiritual journey. The teacher stated that few want to venture down this path of purity. Numbers similar to Gurudev's about the study of the deeper part of the spiritual path.

Selfseeds is growing.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Inner Discernment

Inner discernment. Continuing to examine the personality state of my nature as an outsider. Looking at the inner mirror where separation continues to exist from the true Self. Conversations on ideology that would create an inner disturbance are fewer. Surprising at times the inner quiet when my mind is preparing for aggravation. Sitting daily is continuing to be critical in touching blindspots.

Horses have a personality, but it isn't as far reaching as a humans.

A milestone to open the box of 250 Selfseeds Journals.

Monday, January 2, 2017

India Visits Indio

Peacocks are always a challenge to get close to while walking in India. Fun to have them looking in the windows of my Indio casita. Enjoying being inside and looking out. Experienced a depth in the morning mediation that would meet the requirements of the new homework. Nice way to start the new year. Able to teach two hours later. Grace.

young males--no long tail feathers yet.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Check Mark Or A New Opening

Riding involves a circle of aids (seat, legs, and hands) for it to work harmoniously with the horse. I have dedicated my life to finding a humane way for this to operate between horse and rider. Today, after a year of riding/teaching at Tahquitz, I was able to convey the final piece of this information for the foundation of riding to a professional who has dedicated her life to trying to find a kind way with horses. It was a remarkable moment for both of us. She could feel and understand the freedom it allows the horse within the circle of the aids. Now, I am clear that the madness that has been consuming me is possible to create in the horse and through a student. Our life works intersected to create a transitional moment for both of us. For me, it is a big check mark which could end in completion or a new opening. The depth in the morning sitting gives me the patience to accept not knowing, but to just keep a steady rhythm while paddling in the river.

Part of my morning inner work is to invite a horse into my deeper awareness. I have no idea how it is going to manifest, but this morning, someone nudged me. Not sure who, but it took me by surprise.

I still follow international news and politics. A lot is going on is an understatement and a lot is up in the air is equally an understatement. Homework for walking in inner peace is plentiful. Living such a blessed life, but it takes self discipline and grace.

Holiday Cheer!