Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Note

When a new seed sprouts, it literally sends out a note--a complex, prescribed code or blueprint for the species, to which the building devas can hear and automatically respond, to build the form that the seed will become.

~ Phillip Lindsay, astrologer

Monday, March 23, 2020

C-Virus Journey

Sheltering in place, living in isolation, maintaining inner peace, considering we instead me in the Oneness. Thank you for my journey in India to help prepare me personally for the global pandemic.

Amazing 32 hour drive in my bubble through the NV desert. Sheltering in my bubble.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Horses for my Soul!

Took a little side trip to Cameo, CO to sit with the wild horses. Touching their lives and not what we are inflicting on them is important for anyone who wants to understand and work with horses. It was a version of the truth for horses. Gurudev encouraged me to continue with horses for as long as I am able and I realize that no matter how crazy the container is for the horse, my favorite thing to do on the planet is work with horse's intelligence, curiosity, willingness, and sensitivity. Merging with this energy while in a wake state is euphoric and joyful for me. It isn't about the experience of the horse, but the experience with the horse.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Walking in Dewey, AZ

Walking is walking and great to do in all types of environments. Spending time riding 7 horses, gym, working on next step. It is becoming clear that a group of us want to try developing a "spiritual/riding center" where horses and other animals are part of living the principles of a spiritual path.

Yes, we are all working on these principles in our daily lives, but looking at a shared environment of the practice. Suggested to find a word outside of sanctuary, retreat center, ashram etc. to identify the environment. The where is part of the current work. Interesting to talk to an astrocartographer and learn that I have visited and lived in most of my highlighted points on the global map.

Living such a simple life in a simple place, the separation between Jaipur and the West has the smallest gap to date. The time in the ashram this past visit really gave me a deeper sensing of belonging to something so vast it has no definition, so complete that it has no description, and so inclusive that it has only Oneness. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Hum...

Learning about living in snow. 
Light snow, so I don't have to worry about my car freezing...

Getting back from the incubator of India is always a transition and a let's better understand what is different. I go without any expectation of change, but always come away with some gift/grace of deeper understanding/awareness.

Now, I am with my horses in Arizona and the weather has limited work, so it is a remarkable time for silence, stillness, and reflection. As I deal with settling into a room, getting food, sorting out the life program for the horses, organizing year end taxes, and life stuff, I am aware of a hum.

The hum is a sense of G.O.D. that is ever present as a backbone to my life actions. Having two major life obstacles fall off my obscuration list, the hum is recognizable. Instead of it as a concept of awareness, it feels like a state of awareness. This trip to India, I felt like I shifted from an awareness of inner peace to being in a stream of inner peace. The hum appears to be part of experiencing a different frequency of awareness. As a child, I heard a voice and felt a presence. Until Gurudev mentioned it several years ago, I had forgotten about it. I called it the alien as an adult.

When I got to Arizona, I decided to take off striving, goals, and so on that support material based living. It lives as a neon light in America. It appears as a layer intrinsic to life. I like to work and plan on working until I drop dead, but the shift is in relationship to the idea. As a scientist, I view all the trips with the wheelbarrow to the surrender pile as part of a science experiment. The volume of the hum is new.

It is funny how I continue to blog and write about all of this. The transition from sensing to words appears to be useful in my digestion and meditation--just like walking.

Horses are in the barn as the snow falls, so paddocks are empty.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Wild Burros

Burros are part of the adoption program. Balance of land management involves the number of animals grazing and drinking, so the plants, water holes, and environment are not destroyed. The desert is fragile in its toughness and not easily renewed if depleted. Horses and burros are captured and sent to domestic environments. Helping wild horses and burros in a transition is a specialized type of work. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"Wild Horses"

Sitting in the ashram is a particular, remarkable space and felt sense. Standing in natural light with a herd of my favorite animals is a personalized version.