Saturday, June 11, 2016

Twenty-Eight Acre Animal Farm Thermal, California

The chicken on the bottom of the photo is to size--the swan is oversized...
Living in peace on a 28 acre animal farm: turkeys, chickens, ducks, mini-donkeys, goats, horses, pig, alpaca, cow, donkey, dogs, and more. Two miles from work. Work season is coming to an end. July first, I head to Northern California, Montana, and Colorado. Visiting friends and meeting horse people who are interested in supporting the horse through more humane training and a deeper awareness of themselves. Starting to offer Selfseeds again as an awareness/wellness program.

Nador is coming along very nicely. I will send him to Colorado while I am there for 6 weeks and then leave him for an extra month while I go to India.

Capacity building, introspection, mindfulness, stillness, and and an open heart are part of the daily practice. Living an incredibly blessed life.