Friday, September 29, 2017


Irrigation and 26 degrees. As I drive down the road...
Launching a potential consciousness shift in the equestrian world. Five of us got together who are troubled about the state of consciousness regarding the working horse world. Amazing process. Thank you India and the time spent in deep self-examination. All the tools in the toolbox are needed in this endeavor, so we take action with a minimum of ego. Collaboration vs. competition.


Definition:  EquiSeers expand mindfulness of ethical and compassionate horsemanship for the well-being of horses and humans in all equestrian disciplines.

Mission:  Expanding and enhancing equestrianism.

Vision:  Empowering people through mindfulness and awareness to expand ethical and compassionate horsemanship with experiential learning and techniques while unifying mind, body, and spirit.

Art glacier in Antarctica. Not much different? (photo credit CNN)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Sliver of Colorado

Carbondale, CO

Walking is decreasing and riding is increasing, but walking is still a form of meditation for me.

It has become even more clear that my path to my spiritual heart is one of reason/intellect even though the heart is significantly involved. Both ladders reach the same point of Oneness, but the point of reflex, response, and examination is clearly different. The more I study humanity, the more clear my own approach becomes apparent. Even a point of separation and something to be considered.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Three bears taking a nap.
Mama Bear and her two cubs. I have wanted to have a live bear sighting, so this doesn't get much better then watching them for two hours from the front porch of the cabin. An in the dark encounter when we scared each other was another version. Animals and nature are stupendous!

Looking for apples after knocking them out of the tree.
Safe distance from the porch.

Friday, September 1, 2017

More Steps

Still walking, but in Northern California for a few days. The world is feeling like home especially with long and deep friends sprinkled around the globe. Tomorrow, heading to Colorado. New projects opening up. Lots of check marks from the two months abroad.