Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doing or Being: What level are you?

So when asked the question, "What have the two worlds of ballroom dancing and dressage taught me?" I have an answer.

Both worlds require a tremendous amount of technical understanding, discipline, and feel to create the visual structure of what each sport represents. this is the initial capacity of the sport whether you are a beginner or a world class performer. The initial capacity is in the construction and the doing. Beyond that capacity becomes the art.

The art is the "being" the dancer or rider rather than just "doing" dancing and riding. Getting to this second aspect or capacity requires allowing. the absolute beauty is in the letting go and trusting the work. The allowing breathes refinement, grace, and flow into the form. Ironically, the allowing has to come out of the form or else it has no meaning. I like to believe we are dancing or riding to the edge of creating the form and than seeing how much we can let go without the form falling apart--constantly moving between the two sides of the playing field.

The form has no true meaning without allowing and the allowing has no relevancy without form. A master can inspire their students to be aware of these two aspects or a student's inner desire can lead a search for a master of this understanding.*

*The point where we are in our global mentality of success does not always encourage or support this idea of allowing as an equally important aspect of asking.