Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being A Woman Is Yet Another Veil

The insanity of the planet is built on separation.  Every difference is fuel for separation.  I understand and accept this, but what about just being a woman?  Where did the separation originate that creates violence, disrespect, abuse, domination, and more against woman?  I understand religion, skin color, belief systems, etc., but one's sex?  And I am not even looking at sexual orientation--just the being of a man or a woman. When I sit in the Oneness of the Divine--it is seamless and not eve a hint of separation.

Is being a woman yet another veil or social/mental construction?  The Oracle says yes--it is a samskara, so there are liabilities that come with it.  Can I be in the form and throw caution to the wind regarding the list that goes with protecting the vulnerability of a woman?  No.  There are three types of people was the qualification: pure, compounds/mixtures, and "bad."  "Stay away from the bad."  I can see how this would be a universal truth too.

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