Friday, November 29, 2013


A day of enjoying the beauty of Northern California. A nice reminder of what is in my backyard.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Crown Jewel of New Zealand? Milford Sound

Every day has been like Pandora's Box--a jewel per day, but Milford Sound may be the crown jewel. Stunning in every turn like the polished, cuts of a gem.  The deep inner sense of awe and humility appeared again as I experienced it at Mt. Cook.  Is it the age of the massive stone structures gracing the landscape?  The steepness and powerful presence of the fjord's nature?  The measurable relationship of being a speck in their presence?

Home now and we took some time to stop by the San Francisco Bay and gaze at its beauty.  Fun to consider its expansiveness and where it touched the shores of New Zealand.  What a trip!  The magic carpet is docking for a short while and then off for the next adventure.

Thank you for the opportunity to share through photos and iMovies.

(short video below)

Sheep Station, Queenstown, NZ

Amazing to visit a private sheep station out in the desolate section of wilderness.  It has been some years, since I worked out in the back forty, but there is a silent, rich, and intense quality to the working immersion in nature.  Hmmm...maybe something to consider again.

(short video below)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bungy Jumping--To Jump Or Not To Jump Is The Question

(short video below)

Quite eye opening to peer over the edge and contemplate a willing leap off into space, tied by my ankles.  

Mt. Cook, New Zealand Sky, Land, or Water?

When we left this spot, I was drowning in the humility of the rescue team who operate on the mountain.  There is a remarkable video of their operations, a live rescue, and their incredible selflessness to take risking their own lives. Between watching them and the awesomeness of the actual mountain, it was as close as I have felt to some of the inner experiences I have had in India.  Wonderment of the design and what grace to witness so many remarkable places in nature without interruption.

(short video below)

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Taking a look at the night stars, planets, and galaxies from the observatory on top of the mountain was fascinating.  Another world unto itself.  Love exploring new aspects of living.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Touching the Pacific Ocean (Kaikoura, New Zealand)

Standing and breathing in the Pacific Ocean while on the other side of the globe-- a moment of deep reflection.  It was as if the circle of my life appeared and wrapped her arms around me.  Life growing up touching the Pacific Ocean in the San Francisco Bay and now to touch another edge.  Lots of sheep and very tall living wind screens. Tammy and I get the sense the weather can be daunting.

Zealandia, Wellington, New Zealand

High tech. fence as a boundary.

Zealandia--is this the way of the future to secure land for the "other mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants, insects,etc...." who coexist on the planet?  A group of private investors rallied together to create a living, preserved ecosystem that reflects what was the nature of New Zealand in the Wellington area.  Tourism primarily finances the sanctuary and it is close to the city, so it is accessible and a constant opportunity for educating the public.  In some ways, New Zealand is potentially a living preserved ecosystem, but unfortunately, it has been heavily infected by the white man burning, building, and importing not compatible mammalians.  

Interesting for me to observe the Earth from the side of abundance, conservation, and hope vs. over population, scarcity, and desire.  There still is no answer or solution, but in the meantime, grace prevails for this window into another facet of living.  The underlying fabric of Source is pulling me inward from yet another perspective.

Fun to have two kiwi sighting and a few other endangered animals. Stirring to contemplate their place in evolution. Would it be useful or desirable to know and understand the bigger picture? Would I be searching for just an answer? 

Next stop the South Island. Enjoying tracing the cruise ship's path from the land going in the opposite direction.