Sunday, October 31, 2010

Persephone My Goat

Sophie My Cat


Okay, what has happened to 2010??? Yet another year speeding by. The weather in Southern California has been stunning: beautiful, clear days and lovely warm temperatures. This is the type of weather that all people in Southern California forgive the not so brilliant aspects of SoCal--traffic, smog, and traffic.

PheonixEQ (future international horse sales site) and Selfseeds for 5 (future selfhelp program for people who can start by finding 5 minutes in their busy lives) are both officially under construction with the team at Nimbletoad.

Riding, dancing, working out at the gym, and spiritual inquiring are main threads of my daily life process. Life at Sterling Farms is still like living in the Garden of Eden! 2010 has been a year of quiet reflection and thoughts for the future. The next 45 years? Now what?

The work with USANA has been a wonderful introduction to the health industry and the importance of nutrition--one of the eleven valuable points of personal interest in .

The studies with Narayana Baba have given me a lot of homework for spiritually deepening and integrating the work into my daily life practice. Life provides endless opportunities to practice!

Waltzing Horses is here to stay as my personal horse website, but I am joyfully combining efforts with other international horse enthusiast to create Our collective goal is to match-make horses and riders on a global scale with attention to thoughtfulness, integrity, honesty, and long-term relationships (with the horse and rider.) Lena (co-founder of PhoenixEQ) and I are making plans to launch a clothing line named Phoenix, as well.

Dancing has developed into such a remarkable journey during the past two years. What has changed? I was introduced to a system created by Hans Laxholm, world champion ballroom dancer, that educates the reflexes and internal awareness of each person in the partnership, so we can have a conversation in motion. Sounds like beautiful riding too? Max, my current dance coach/partner/teacher of the 'system', and I are looking forward to participating in a competition in "freestyle" mode--just good ole lead and follow, (no choreography.) Exciting to be completely in the moment, receptive to tiny suggestions from the partner's body (no verbal cues), and physically engaged with readiness and suppleness: not to mention on time with the music and moving on a dance floor covered with other dancers in motion.

Jaz, Sophie, and Persephone will continue with me on my path. I am helping to find new homes for Ultimo and Roalty.

Last but not least, Liz and I would like to make a trip to Africa to "visit the animal world." Maybe this will initiate our future animal site?

For being in a "reduced" work mode/cutting back--a lot has bubbled up from the stillness. Meditation and reflection will continue to punctuate my day. Feeling a lot of joy and gratitude for the remarkable ingredients in my life.