Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Subjective vs. Objective

Cracking and shifting. A recent very painful, problematic situation with three horses and three people left me digging for something once again.

Reread a book from 10 years ago that talks about the human personality/soul from the perspective of 9 aspects of the enneagram. I can now place a check mark by the nine aspects and see that the human lens is the obscuration to the Divine. The human lens always has some percentage of ego, but it can be shifted to view the world objectively instead of subjectively.

One of my most profound experiences in meditation while in India, I became aware of a state of being with no boundaries, a texture of peaceful, joy, and a quality of essence. It has been a precious point of awareness that I have carried into my daily like. It felt like some sort of stream of energy that bound everything and everyone together whether one was aware of it or not. I have wondered if it would ever be integrated somehow instead of just a very deep sense of Truth. When there are disturbances, I have been experimenting with looking at them without my subjective lens and chalk them up for the human experience. More trips to the surrender pile. Gratitude for the relentless urging from the Universe to go deeper into the flame.

Christmas morning spent with babies/small children in the Loma Linda Children’s hospital while handing out gifts. Humbling!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Boutique Farm Life

Desert sunset
Gathering eggs, driving the tractor, watering plants, gardening, boutique animal collection care, and whatever is needed has been a nice experience for 1/2 the day. A mini-farm retreat.The passing of my adoptive mother has removed an unexpected veil. Something is brewing for another shift. Bought two horses as projects for the winter, Lincoln and Smarty.

Discovering a new richness in morning meditation. Grace.

A few of the animal members.
Peacock prints on the clean porch. They visit the window's to my casita daily.