Monday, November 21, 2016

Homework Clarification

Santa Barbara, California
I have been sitting in stillness every morning. Moving from this point on to work has been a different point of integration and study then going from stillness out into local India. Opening to the depth while living in the West. The "buzz" of the spiritual realm is always present, but adding depth development on a daily basis is new. It provides a stronger fortification to live by the principles of Absolute Love and Truth. Thoughts and actions not in alignment are more quickly identified and redirected. Grace. My latest homework assignment is taking on new meaning and new passion. Walking with less and less scaffolding, but it is an adjustment. Thank you Wise Woman of the West for clarification and link to the bigger picture.

Another point of clarification has been the diversity of how we practice and what we experience during our practice. Gurudev had suggested a homework focus, but carefully explained that the manifestation of it would be unique to me. When I talk to people who have spiritual practices, it triggers some questioning of my own practice or lack of practice. I try to walk the talk and practice every minute that I am awake, but I don't have a practice with a mantra, string of beads, candle, etc. All steps or bread crumbs? Nothing needed if nothing is needed? Okay, so back to sitting and letting whatever wants to unfold or however. Discernment between the ego and the official downloads.

The view out one of my windows.