Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Too Much Fun!!!

Working is turning out to be way to fun--playing with the two-leggeds.

Ferris Wheel
Fun House
Giant Swing

Garden Displays

Sunday, July 20, 2014

No Horse Shield

Fairfax MO, flower garden
As I step in and out of the very familiar horse world, I see the next part of my journey/life's lesson plan is to walk in the two-legged world from the perspective of my growing self cave. There is a certainty that there will be opportunities to fall down and stand up again, but now to do it with the self cave as the navigational equipment. Excited to really put the past three years to the test in a different culture.  What have I learned and this is what Gurudev was encouraging me to go and find out.

Seeing friends and family from around the globe has become a very precious and inspiring gift as I move towards my 50th birthday.  I never could have believed that I would have such love and affection for humanity, plus to receive it from others.  My curious nature will now lead me into this new roll of working with a human team instead of a mixed animal team. Training horses teaches one how important it is to find the common ground for facilitating change--small, steady incremental steps.  Two-leggeds appear to want to have talking points that often don't result in a common ground. New challenges and a very new seed bed for learning.  My self cave is my common ground for community with the Divine and then take to take acton from that perspective. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Zion National Park

Scale of car
Scale of car

On to Las Vegas, Southern CA, and Northern CA.  Will see Jaz and his new owner Sunday morning.

No Plan--Plan

Zion National Park
As travels, visits, roaming the countryside, and more are coming to a close, the no plan--plan is coming into view.  Have a place to live, car to drive, insurance, and two jobs, so what else? Going to see what shows up on its own while living. Meditation, gym, book writing, photography, and helping a few people with their horses are on the list too, but just going to let life drive the bus.  Nice opportunity to be, but willing to take action. Fun!

The Amazing Sunrise At Grand Canyon


I needed to train my eye to see beauty within beauty, instead of looking for a point of beauty within disarray.  Nature is a wonderful teacher.  Grace. Thank you Gurudev for encouraging me to take photos and all of the positive feedback from others.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Grand Canyon, UT Sunset to....

Sunset viewing

Nice shot of a couple enjoying the sunset.

Fun to play with the light.

3,000 Mile Loop #2 Heading Home: Corn fields, MO to Desert, UT

Independence, MO
Utah heading west...