Saturday, July 30, 2016

Veiled Relationships

A group of humans in natural joy, beautiful setting, and sitting inwardly. Interesting to sense into the layers.

A Summer Day at the Swimming Hole.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Playing In The Selfseeds Sandbox

Gave the presentation to a group of kids--that was fun. Now onto the adults tonight.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Small lake above the cabin where I am staying on a 5,000 acre ranch
Moved from the gorgeous 500 acre ranch to the 5,000 acre ranch--also stunningly beautiful. Looking forward to exploring it. Living in an old log cabin. The company and lifestyle are wonderful. Fresh produce from the garden, time to talk/dive/reflect, simple living, riding and teaching a bit, and added hiking to the living list.

Colonialism--this might be the quality that as a caucasian may summarize the nature of greed, materialism, power, ownership, entitlement, and more. I have been examining a strain of this for quite some time. Living in foreign countries provides some new insight, but talking with a foreigner who has lived all over the world has finally shed some light on this quality. Sitting with the concept of money and its' relevance, distortions, and balance. Would like to move past this examination of #2 on the list. Almost ready to make a trial of a year with no haggling, energetic snags, or fixation on it and see what happens. Let Go!! Show up at work, work from a place of integrity/love, and remove expectations.

Walking In The Rockies

Amazing to walk with only the thought of bears and not a group of men. Intoxicating beauty and to hear the sound of wild, running water.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Adult Horse Camp, Carbondale Colorado

The best horse camp on the planet? Nador and Roo arrived in good condition. The view is from the center of the ranch. The ranch owners have been here for fifty years and the house was built in the nineteen-twenties.

Two weeks on the road has been like a magic carpet. Visiting family and friends from my spiritual family. Long drives between Northern CA, Spokane, WA, Bozeman, MT, and Carbondale, CO gave me a wonderful opportunity to contemplate and integrate what had unfolded during the visits.

How could one every think this journey would be without a community? Each visit felt like a gem and a touchstone to some remarkable aspect of being part of the Universe through the lens of an examined life. Interesting to see how each of the personalities have gravitated to examining life through intense studies of music, body practices, astrology, human genome, meditation, reading, religion, and more.

Finishing up the four part webinar from the Diamond Approach: meditation, sensing, and self inquiry.  It is a formalized system that supports what I have come to realize as the practices needed for a human to be a better partner to the horse.

Gearing up for a six week exploration of Selfseeds with participants in Colorado. Plus, an examination of the horse industry and what is a possible orientation moving forward.

Found a gym nearby to continue with the fitness thread and I was able to find one in each city as I traveled. Fitness options are readily available. Health checks were all positive. Thank you Universe.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On The Road Again

On the road again. Northern California first stop. Long drives and time to reflect are awesome. Visiting friends who are committed to the path—double awesome. One point is clear, the path itself is the escalator and my shoe lace caught in the escalator is the pull to let go and align with integrity and without separation to Source.