Friday, January 27, 2012

The First Group Of Selfseeds Short Videos As A Start (14)

Reposted some of the videos after making small changes and synchronizing all of them with the opening Selfseeds logo/identifying the topic of the video.  The two different blogs have different blogging formats too, so I am always learning from both of them.  11 Selfseeds, but I made 3 additional fun ones too. Don't hold back on the input.  Fun? Annoying? Inspiring? Bizarre?

Every day presents new challenges, so I just keep working with the three principles.  They appear to apply to the path, the teacher, and the student.  Getting lots of opportunities to put them to the test.

My business partner in Florida for the horse sales just contacted me and asked me if I was ready to get going on our PhoenixEQ business.  Her life has fallen back into place and she is ready to go again.  Synchronicity!!

Selfseeds Balance (short video) 

Selfseeds Walking Inspiration South Africa (short video)

Selfseeds Inspirational Walk Pacific Coast (short video)

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