Friday, November 27, 2015

A Holy Mother

Photos copied from a book (see below for ordering information). Holy Mother.
Sri Sarada Devi (a modern Madonna)
Spiritual partner and wife of Ramakrishna
Being a woman or man has a list of challenges. As I look at compassion and forgiveness at new levels, I still see the world wide challenges for a woman objectified as a sex object, child bearer, house attendant, and the list continues. What is the root of the feminine nature and when was it held with respect, healthy adoration, and purity as a vessel for birthing mankind? Has there been someone who exemplifies this?

As women in the modern age, most of these points are compromised and become bargaining chips for survival or keeping some level of safety, security, or personal space. No doubt, there is a lot of disturbance in the outer world, but was there someone who could walk the talk at some point—a modern Madonna? Shri Sarada Devi, The Holy Mother, appears to fill this role. She was married to Ramakrishna, served him, and following his passing, her spiritual capacity blossomed to support the growing evolution of the Ramakrishna’s Order, as well as her own spiritual community. She viewed all the people of the world as her children. Simple, but what a clear and uncomplicated way to remove yet another point of separation. Ramakrishna was unique in his devotion to the spiritual Mother and the Holy Mother throughout his lifetime and walked the talk through his respect for the women of his time. Shri Sarada Devi was considered a ground breaker for her encouragement of women’s education and an unwillingness to follow caste, color, or global separation while serving or speaking with disciples.

Not unlike learning the origins of the caste system or the early civilization in India, the spiritual relationship between husband and wife was quite beautiful. The husband was to share his knowledge and teachings of spirituality with his wife, and she used these teachings as a householder, mother, and more to intertwine a spiritual energy into her daily life so it became less mechanical. The relationship  itself was based on respect, support, and healthy devotion. Just knowing about this pure archetype has allowed me to shift a big stone in my “Let go” sack. Men have a lot to overcome in their egos and the world is paying a price for this. Of course there are exceptions. Women have often had to escalate their egos to survive.

The debriding system of deepening is stunning. I had read about her before, but this time, I am so deeply touched that I could weep just looking at her photos and contemplating the birth, pain, and beauty of humanity. For the first time I have some true sense of what is being a woman and not what the outer world has constructed. Pranam Gurudev for loaning me this book.

Early support and advisor for the Ramakrishna Order
Mother to all of humanity


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Mother in a Cave

Roof top view from the top of the hill
Road work diverted my walk, so I took a new path and found a new temple. Scampered down the hill on the goat trails to find a welcoming Baba and a cave temple. I haven't forgotten the caves at Ramana Maharshi's temple, so this might give me a local chance to sit in one. Bonus! I am always talking about living in a cave, so now to try it out. This one is dedicated to the Mother, it is like a womb in the mountain. The vibration inside was incredibly still, but not stifling.

Looking back from the level access into the city. I won't have to be a goat every time I visit.
Found this poem I downloaded three years ago for Pahari Baba's Birthday. It still applies today. Grace and it could easily get an add on.

To One Who Is In Aid Of Humanities Birth

Thank you for answering my conditions.
Your morning of levitation led me to examine the beyond.
Please forgive me for not making tea or offering pranam.

Thank you for sitting with me in the star-filled, blackness of night.
Your presence gave me confidence to abide in the expansiveness of nothingness.
Please forgive me for not bringing an asan or offering pranam.

Thank you for showing me your feet while watching the river of light.
Your wisdom allowed me to experience the truth of the universe.
Please forgive me for sitting dazed by the beauty of the light and not offering pranam.

Thank you for letting me look directly into your eyes.
Your merging showed me oneness with the formless.
Please forgive me for my surprise and not offering pranam.

Thank you for helping me love and accept the embodiment of Gurudev.
Your play of energy fields showed me that you are both one and the same.
Please forgive me for not having the capacity to show my true gratitude, but I can offer pranam.

Thank you for being the inner voice of guidance to proceed on the path of liberation.
Your love and patience astounds me as I continue to fall, trip, and stumble.
Please forgive me for my clumsiness, but I can offer pranam.

Thank you for introducing me to your Divine Friends.
Your kindness and gentleness encourages me to have faith.
Please forgive me for my shyness, but I have no doubt in my heart.

Thank you for responding to my questions and providing homework assignments.
Your unwavering support inspires me to look for the Divine Light in all.
Please forgive me for my slowness, but I have no doubt in my heart.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Pahari Baba

What a privilege to spend a day in celebration of this spiritual master. Grace. Full Moon.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another Spiral Completed

One of my favorite parts of the walk.
The four year spiral is becoming clear. Perspective and experience are useful. Masterful teaching is life changing. From the beginning, Gurudev told me that the teaching wasn't going to be verbal--now I understand how wise that was. Thank you Gurudev, horses and Grace. The inner and outer points of separation are becoming narrower. I am more inward while in the outer world and less outward while in the inner world.

I so want to hug an elephant. Like hugging an animal tree?


Not sure what these are all about, but the wall was staged with them all the way to my start point for running.

Thank you Universe for submerging me in the inner stillness during my early practice of sitting. I am not sure I would have ever been able to quiet my mind enough to discover it in the systematic way of meditation. Now I can find my way by reining in the incessant thinking machine, but it involves discipline. Realizing the modern world of smartphones and checking them obsessively is no different then my mind wanting to go to thoughts. It is all relative.

Interesting to observe the start of thought and how quickly it can move to an opinion if not given a reminder. More fun to watch this as an observer instead of getting caught in it unconsciously.

The outer world was pushing me towards the inner world and now the inner world is pulling me whenever I leave. Incredible to realize the option is always available 24/7. Sounds are piercing at the moment, but something is shifting to allow me to be in the inner state without the extreme sensitivity to the outer state. Is it a more balanced being state emerging? Continuous adjustments to the scaffolding removal.

Fitness level coming along more quickly then expected. Should be able to comfortably run to the top of the hill in two weeks. If nothing unexpected happens, I will be fit enough for making the transition back to work without stress.

The weather has been absolutely lovely this past week. The innerness and outerness state are complimenting one another on all levels.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Living A Giant, Extended Birthday Blessing

Reverse walked a loop. Up the hill instead of down.
What better birthday present is there then being in the presence of Gurudev? People have somehow remembered my birthday, which always amazes me, and hope I do something nice to celebrate. I pondered that for a few seconds, "I am living one giant, extended birthday blessing right now!" Happy 51 years to me! Jai Guru.

The weather is fantastic right now.
Walking by this regularly and wondering about how to climb up for the view. Today was the day!!! More walking ideas. Incredible view and quiet. Chatted with the resident Baba, bonus!

More walking ideas.

Nothing new on my bucket list, but to deepen into this new inner place. Nice point of reflection to acknowledge the fullness of my life. Linking my city and nature walk brought home the life of familiar faces, but we share only a word or two: hello or good morning:  the road crew are living in their simple tents just 2 minutes from my door and were jumping up and down waving to say good morning as I started the walk (sweet), checked with the shop owner on exchange rates, passed the gentleman who cleans the ashram on his bike headed to work, there is the man who has a chair and mirror for cutting hair, the man who carries water in plastic bags hanging from his motorcycle to give water to the birds at the top of the hill, the couple who feeds the birds, the man with the van who brings water for the birds in buckets, the Baba who feeds and waters the wild birds, the walking group, the men heading to work on their elephants, the men heading the other direction to work on their camels, the runner, the men on the water truck, the man sweeping the road, the man picking up plastic bottles, the women herding goats, the... I wonder if they would all be so friendly if I wasn't a white woman walking? Incredible evolution to have each of these beings stir my heart with a simple friendly exchange. What a teaching to see how we can all change and grow to accept one another. Nothing but kindness offered and received.

Nice to read about the interfaith group gatherings in the U.S. trying to break down the misunderstandings and separation between Christians and Muslims.