Monday, September 29, 2014

Double Rainbow

Nice photo Aaron from the balcony--thank you!
Walking in alignment with truth, integrity, justice, respect, and more is not always the easy way. For some reason, I keep thinking the walk will become easier, but only the inner knowing of Absolute Love and Truth has made the journey less painful.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


As I re-examine many of the facets of my past while continuing to walk on the spiral staircase, it becomes more and more clear that life is about the journey--the process--the walk. Every step has lead to the next and to the point from which I am.  Contact with inner awareness or a stimulus to go inward is what bathes this point of being.

I was playing with a new movie application while in India and had forgotten about this little clip.  Staggering to open and view it from this point on the spiral staircase.


Monday, September 22, 2014


Early morning event at a Sonoma County Winery
On this side of the Earth--beauty and tranquility. On the other side of the Earth--ravaged lands and chaos as evidenced by the outpouring of refugees. What next?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Simple Beauty Of Wealth

The flower
The garden
The journey...
Modern wine barrel
VIP Event--manmade beach
Simple beauty of wealth and what it can create.  How fun to spend a day in such abundance serving people in a festive and happy state. Over $400 for each bottle of wine.

As I start to look at the collection of interviews for the second book project I sense the theme of the project emerging. How animals have been a bridge to Oneness. The perspective of the animal tribe and the challenge to serve/align to the simplicity of the animal soul while satisfying human desire. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Touching The Bottom of the Ocean

Playing with contrast....
It feels like I have been swimming a long time to understand the root of darkness in humanity. Human consciousness appears to allow the two-legged to reach a deeper point of depravity than animals.  I have continued to dive down until a few days ago--two events have helped to satisfy something within my inquiry that is now allowing me to swim back up to the surface for a breath--the point where all is One. Witnessing a dear friend touch Divinity while telling the story of looking into the eyes of the WWII front-line soldiers who were subject to hand-to-hand devastation and learning of management's disregard for an employee who has given twenty-five years of service and all for the sake of greed.  I understand now, the darkness is not cultural, affluence, gender, etc. related, but where one is in his or her journey to realizing the True Nature of one's Self.  This point of inquiry into  the darkness in humanity led me to India and to the truth of our state of Absolute Love and Truth.  Thank You!

The veil is not to be forgotten, but I feel a stone drop out of my net, the burden of living as a human is lighter, and the diminishment of this point of focus is allowing more light, truth, and love to flood inward. Others may need to go deeper, stay longer or the multitude of variations, but it feels like a check mark by a fact check for now.


Playing with color...