Monday, June 30, 2014

Living In Being

Awe of living in being.

Another day walking on the beach...

Human Commodity

Glorious, warm, sunny day at the coast.
An interesting new direction is emerging.  What is it like to work as a human commodity?  The treatment of horses as a commodity was what sent me on the intensive phase of the spiritual journey. As I step aside from the horse world, I am learning that the human component of many businesses is treated like a commodity. The first step of developing a resume to walk through the door into the two-legged's work world is fascinating. How to create a resume based on transferable skills. Odd that the past three years of what I would consider to be the most remarkable and precious skill set of awareness that I could ever have contact to is "not to be highlighted on paper." Is this the mindset and thread to what leads to war, rape, and more?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Stop In The Walk Of Daily Life

West Coast, Pacific Ocean, Northern California
Sitting in the sound of the ocean.
Final stop while working my way south. What a treat to sit at the ocean and reflect upon the journey of life and the journey of travel.  Remembering sitting at the Pacific Ocean on the other side of it in NZ.  As I met with friends and family, the beauty and depth of what I have learned in the past three years is beginning to sink in.  What a different capacity for listening from a less scratchy point of presence, compassion, and patience.  Pranam never feels like enough, so all I can do is to try and live in alignment with what I know today and what continues to unfold. The walk of daily life is a wonderful teacher.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

3,000 Mile Loop #1

Thank you Karen for the nice shot!!  Not standing near that edge...
The 3,000 mile driving loop through the Northwestern US is winding down as I find my way along the California coast. Driving on wide open roads with minimal traffic is a wonderful venue for reflection.  Life is about change and how not to hold on as it is happening. What is next?  Nice timing on the Bowl of Saki.  " He who with sincerity seeks his real purpose in life is himself sought by that purpose."

Columbia River (massive as it winds through many states.)

Struggle Of Abundance

Big Horn Sheep. MT
What? The struggle of abundance? I watch and understand it more fully now--thank you for the continuing education. Choices, money, status, wealth, possessions, fear, hanging on, and walking from another view.  The beauty of "having," but also the walls of distortion created from the fear of losing it.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

1,000 Buddhas in MT

Back of center statue

  1. The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas - Wikipedia, the free ...
    The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is a spiritual site near ArleeMontana, within ... 2.1 Dharmacakra; 2.2 Yum Chenmo, Prajnaparamita; 2.3 1,000 Buddhas ...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sacred Vows of Marriage (American Indian Presence), Red Mountain in Montana

Crown Jewel of Yellowstone--The Falls

Surrounding yellow stone.
Thread of the river below.
Upper Falls
Entrance to Lower Falls

(Sorry, video quality is marginal from import, but cool how the interface of all material is working so smoothly.)

Looking down as the water cascade down the falls and on through the canyon.

YCA (Part 3)

Varying mud pots

One of the most remarkable geothermal points on the planet.
A herd of bison mother and babies resting in a meadow.

Papa bison walking calmly down the road (massive animal!)

Elk grazing is just a speck against the mountain.