Sunday, January 24, 2016

Walking Without A Path

Went hiking to celebrate the book, the week, shedding of the opulence carapace, gorgeous day, and to know about the mountains I have been looking at. It was quiet except the occasional airplane.

La Quinta, California
The deepening in the state of being is triggering a pull to deepen in service. "Let Go!" Stop trying to qualify, quantify, justify, organize, and more as the mind tries to distract a simple action of stepping up to the plate and swinging no matter what pitch crosses the plate. The swing may be words, actions, listening, or no. More dismantling of the service/action scaffolding. Stop trying to walk with a path.

This is on my dresser. I need to read it daily.

My Horse, My Heart, My Soul

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My Horse, My Heart, My Soul: Equestrian Art vs. Modern Sport Riding. Can they be compatible? Paperback – January 23, 2016
by Susan M Eoff (Author)

Seven international professionals who consciously work from their hearts, share their personal stories, lessons from their masters/teachers, philosophies, and thoughts on the modern age's challenge for horses, trainers, riders, and breeders.

(Author's note: My soul is a fire from the gratitude I feel for the horses, the interviewees, and Takao! I started the book from a point of inquiry and I offer it from my heart to the readers for their inquiry.)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Asteroid Removal

"You cannot apply logic to crazy." Nice advice. I had been sitting with the nature of the materially, abundant world and when I let go of trying to make sense of the insanity plan, it was like a giant asteroid fell out of my sack. What was I thinking, obviously the thinking was getting me into trouble. Wow, it was as if I had dismantled a thick crust that had lived with me a very long time. As the layers drop away, it is quite interesting to observe how quiet the mind is unless called upon to take action. 'Bring it on' was reclaimed as the energetic dust settled. Thank you Universe.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Have's and Have Nots

A class system replaces a caste system. A large population of hispanics support the uber wealthy lifestyles of the seasonal, local population through gardening, house cleaning, agriculture, etc. As I was hand walking Nador around the ranch's track, a group of young children were jumping and running behind the fabric and chain link fence separating the ranch from the Hispanic laborer's house. When I stopped to let Nador digest the situation, they lifted the fabric and grew quite excited to see a horse standing on the other side. They asked to pet him, so I edged him up to the fence so their little hands could reach through the chain link, one tiny girl climbed up the fence, a brother lifted his younger sister, and they were so happy to touch the horse and ask questions. Nador was a perfect gentleman and excepted the situation as an ambassador. As I turned to walk away, the depth of tears that I have only known in India arose: love that is expressed outwardly from the depths of True Nature. Thank you and once again the horse was a point on the triangle to remind me of the Truth.

I had been wobbling a bit as I am introduced to the owners of the opulent estates and taken on tours; homework in the bandwidth of opulence. To the eye, it is orderly and decorative: to the spiritual heart it is austere. Thank you Universe for letting me touch the raw truth of India in Indio. My heart needed a cracking open as a reminder of what is important. Gurudev had encouraged me to look for this state globally.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Apex Revisited

The lesson plan appears to be revisiting the apex of the pain which sent me to India. While acting as a ring steward at the local dressage show, I was standing in the activation point for my questioning of humanity. Familiar and surreal. The external is the same, the internal is very, very different. My sensitivity for the horses is still very present and even more so, but my acceptance of the human part has much less disturbance. How do the horses with over bent necks, strong bits, over tight nose bands, some with hair rubbed off from spurs and busy legs, and more compare to the street dogs, beating of elephants between their ears, camel's with bleeding nose plugs, and more? A sensitivity not unlike the awareness from deep meditation, but at least no blacking out and falling to my knees.

Very grateful for my current work environment and the understanding/interest for what I do. Nador is making nice progress. Selfseeds on track for a Sunday sharing. Might have a place to live. Snow on the mountains was really beautiful. The inner depth often still leads me by the hand to emptiness and forgetfulness. Fun!

Date tree
Ladders for harvesting
Walking in Indio

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Is the essence of greed and materialism entitlement? The expectation of having some thing, some amount, some type, some one, some... Disappointment, bitterness, anger, frustration, and more are triggered when entitlement is not fulfilled. Yet another part of the human insanity plan. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Living Pillow Case

Thank you Sophie for this remarkable photo. The living pillow case.
Ramakrishna would refer to his body as a pillow case.

The density, complexity, hate speak, unconsciousness from our journey to knowing our True Nature is simple but not easy. Thank you Gurudev for being a living example. The orange robe is beautiful and symbolic, but only part of the outer ornamentation. The beauty is in the vibration.

My new view from the riding arena.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!
Stepping out of one's environment is always a useful way to examine one's self. Working for two months on a quiet mind, no thought, and consciously aligning with the Divine's Vibration has created a sense of emptiness within the walls of my mind. Details are a blur and I am needing to move the elevator up a few layers to function on the more common human frequency. I can ride and teach from the place created in India, the horses have no problem following my conversation, and so far, no one has noticed this state of "emptiness" that I am living from. It is as if I can say, "Humans, whatever..." with just a momentary pause and then move forward through the vibration of what is the truth.

The backdrop for where I work now is surreal with the open sky and amazing mountains. Absolute beauty. (Pictures will follow soon.) How to photograph this breathtaking view...

I don't have a place to live yet, but I am staying in a very nice temporary situation. What I have to bring to the group with technique and experience appears to be very useful and positive. I like the idea of settling down with a home base, so this may be it. We are discussing how to grow my position into a full time one instead of seasonal. No conflict to return to India for a few months either.

Nador arrived today. It will be a stellar environment for him to live and for me to develop his talents.

Grace for all of it. Good students, good horses, a very, very nice boss who is very, very down to earth,  potential to share a clear, effective system for training the horse and rider, and a way to start replenishing my bank account for more financial stability.

My current living sense inside developed from understanding the past four years of spiritual inquiry and examination is profound. Living from a dream state, but with the guidance of my True Nature.