Monday, December 15, 2008

Rediscovered the gift of a life encompassing horses

Recently, I had an opportunity to get to know myself through working with a group of people who are also discovering themselves. There was an opportunity to talk and reflect upon my experience and belief system around consciousness in animals. I have always worked with horses from a standpoint of helping them to develop their maximum conscious capabilities, so they are part of the partnership instead of a vehicle for my egoic expression. The joy of the work is having a communication that asks, allows, and builds an interest/willingness in participating. People don't always recognize that animals have this capacity and that it can be encouraged. Part of the beauty is the honesty in which the animals respond. I was reminded of this "organic" part of the soul--mine and theirs. In doing so, I rediscovered one of the gifts of my life encompassing horses (goats and cats...)