Friday, December 23, 2016

Check Mark Or A New Opening

Riding involves a circle of aids (seat, legs, and hands) for it to work harmoniously with the horse. I have dedicated my life to finding a humane way for this to operate between horse and rider. Today, after a year of riding/teaching at Tahquitz, I was able to convey the final piece of this information for the foundation of riding to a professional who has dedicated her life to trying to find a kind way with horses. It was a remarkable moment for both of us. She could feel and understand the freedom it allows the horse within the circle of the aids. Now, I am clear that the madness that has been consuming me is possible to create in the horse and through a student. Our life works intersected to create a transitional moment for both of us. For me, it is a big check mark which could end in completion or a new opening. The depth in the morning sitting gives me the patience to accept not knowing, but to just keep a steady rhythm while paddling in the river.

Part of my morning inner work is to invite a horse into my deeper awareness. I have no idea how it is going to manifest, but this morning, someone nudged me. Not sure who, but it took me by surprise.

I still follow international news and politics. A lot is going on is an understatement and a lot is up in the air is equally an understatement. Homework for walking in inner peace is plentiful. Living such a blessed life, but it takes self discipline and grace.

Holiday Cheer!

Monday, December 5, 2016

me to Me

After the basics of the me requirements are met (nourishment, shelter, and safety) what is important? The journey of the Me. Me is the extension to the Oneness with consciousness. It is the part that is crying out for the scaffolding to be shifted, so liberation can unfold. Sitting every morning is helping me to recognize the priority list. Almost six years ago, the me was in agony and looking for something else. The something else is the Oneness, but the points of separation continue to need pairing back, adjusting, and letting go.

Service to the Oneness helps me to see the limits of my design, history, and mode of operation. It is all about deconstructing patterns. The work with the horses has always shown me this. Deconstructing their mind, body, and energy patterns allows them to return to the peace of grazing state while in a human environment. Learning to help horses at a trigger point level has made this more clear.

Am I any different? No. Grace of the homework assignments. Awareness of the Oneness in deep meditation has exposed me to the True Nature of Me. Shifting back into the outer construction is the reflection of how separated I am, but now I can live with the unwavering contact to the deeper awareness while moving about in the outer reality television program as an actor. A lot of time alone to sit in stillness and contemplation is fortifying my practice to stay in awareness while living as an actor. Abundance with health, wealth, and quality of life is minimizing the outer distractions, so I can focus on the depth.