Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waltzing With Your Horse

Sterling Farms, owners Jane and Bill Frank, hosted a Waltzing With Your Horse workshop, Sunday March 21st. It was a dismounted interactive workshop for equestrians from all disciplines. Topics included: Fitness, Nutrition, Dynamic Balance, and Sensing for improving your partnering skills. Everyone came prepared in workout clothes and some sort of a mat. The weather was lovely and the Spring flowers were out in force. Trish Evans, Karen Henken, Janelle Robinson, and Sue Eoff were the presenters. All of the topics were tied together by the commonality of wellness for the equestrian. It was a great turnout with almost 50 people. We are looking forward to the next one April 28th with Pilates, Nutrition, and Sensing as the focus for equestrians.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Projects In The Works

Many projects are in the works.

Developing a holistic animal site that will gather information for holistic/wellness approaches for all species of animals. We hope to be like a seedbed that will create a diverse and abundant garden of information.

Peak Performance for Equestrians are a series of wellness seminars for riders to address nutrition, fitness, flexibility, balance, and psychology. They are relevant for all disciplines and all levels of riders. The focus is on approaching riding as an athlete which will make the partnership safer and more rewarding.

EQHarmony- a match making service for equestrians. Riders searching for horses.

Waltzing Horses is getting a face lift with greater involvement in the international market. Contact with international brokers on the East Coast and Europe with similar standards of integrity (win, win for horse, buyer, and seller) are broadening the possibilities for finding just the right horse--anywhere in the world.

USANA associate. Including the highly regarded nutritional supplement company as part of my involvement in the wellness movement. Nutrition is an often easily overlooked aspect to health. It is a lifestyle coupled with fitness.

Exciting to have so many options to touch people's lives in a positive way.