Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is It Possible?

Gurudev was telling me how people often end up back in nature after being a householder, because of the purity of animals/nature.  Wait a minute, that is where I started and I didn't sign up for the human insanity plan.  In principle, I have spent 25 years trying to find out if it was possible to be with humans.  He mentioned in his story that people can be with a lion or tiger when they stay clear in their hearts.  Yes, I felt no fear while I was in South Africa with roaming wild animals.  Respect yes, but not fear.  I was even wondering about that specifically, "Shouldn't I be afraid?"  The peace I feel with animals/nature is the peace I have been trying to find while in the proximity of human forms.  IS IT POSSIBLE????? And as a woman?????  My animal friends thought that I was crazy when I said, "I want to know if it possible to sit with humans in the same tranquility as with animals."--parting words as I left for the other side of the world seeking the answer.  There was always a scratchiness with humans.

The Oracle thinks it is possible.  He told me about two different spiritual women who lived in complete oneness/nakedness with life.  I am not sure how that would work in downtown LA, but that is to be determined at a later date.  There might need to be an attendant who throws a cloth over the Being in appropriate situations.  I don't need to get too far into the story yet.  Just digesting the possibility is enough for right now.  I can find it through the spiritual door and I know that all is one, but this skin suit keeps distracting me.  Do I get to use the three types of humans rule, so I can be one with discernment?

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