Thursday, May 25, 2017


In one week, I leave the desert for a four month world tour:  Colorado, India, Portugal, Hungary, Florida, and possibly Cuba. Riding horses in most of the places. It will be awesome to see friends and family abroad. Even an eight hour layover in London lets me see a dear friend. Nador goes to Colorado. I have been living in one of my favorite places of all times and I will return to it in the fall which is lovely.

Selfseeds with the elementary school kids was so fun!!! Planning to do more classes next year. Exposure to more untainted two-leggeds is very insightful for me. A supplement of exercises related to each selfseed is in the works, so the teachers have a way to support the seeds in between. All of the kids gave a thumbs up for the journals.

Third graders
Fourth graders
Nador is developing in a clear and trusting way. It will be nice for him to have relief from the heat and spend some time exploring trails.

Contemplation, meditation, and work are continuous. When is life not examined? The spiral staircase is taking me on a wonderful four month journey. Grace.