Thursday, June 18, 2015

No Rest In The West Now

I had been reflecting on the Saint who lives on a street in India. At the time, he was with a dog. While driving through Southern California there was a man who lives on the street and he had spilled a sack of crushed aluminum cans on the crosswalk. He was kneeling on the ground trying to pick them up as cars whizzed by. I slowed down to see if he needed help and our eyes locked with such clarity. It was a very similar feeling as the Saint in India. Who is to say, but it stirred something very deep within me. The truth of who we are and the interconnectedness regardless of the outer trappings.

I now see the wasteland within the Garden of Eden. I have gratitude for the abundance, but witnessing the level that the elite can turn a blind eye to the global conditions is stunning. With show horses, I am in service to this layer of the community. The people are often nice, polite, and pleasant, but the conditions are surreal. Large gated communities with watered landscape, extensive polo fields, and irrigated pastures while living in the middle of a desert. Technology supports and prevails. The veneer of the material world continues to crack as I walk in the insanity plan. The overlooked man on the street or a multi-million dollar gated housing community; zero to one hundred. It is not only in India.

Reflecting on the emptiness of the Taj Mahal versus the beauty of a sincere devotee at the feet of Gurudev. To be aware of the truth while the dream screen unfolds. I was in gratitude for the rawness of what I experienced in India, now I have gratitude for understanding the emptiness of abundance. The path inward is unrelenting. No rest in the West now. The sense of madness is returning, but I know it is only part of the transition as more scaffolding drops away. Riding and teaching is a nice distraction from the madness.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Side Of Knowing

The path doesn't end with getting to know the Self. Then one begins to relearn the outer world from a different perspective. One wants to yell, "Can't you see how simple it really is!" But few know what you are talking about. The only direction to turn is inward--yet again. There is nothing in the exterior world that is satisfying for the soul--only God. I just want a few to play with in the sandbox, but there are only moments of the shared energetic aliveness. I renounced the horse world to start the journey in India and now I see that it isn't something to reattach to, but to do.