Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zoo, Calcutta

Gurudev had suggested that I visit the zoo, since I like animals so much--giggle.  Zoos are like hell for animals, so what a lovely suggestion to visit hell for animals--giggle. Another perfect test.  How is my sense of equanimity when faced with horrific living conditions, mentally disturbed animals, and an overwhelming number of people?

I think I passed.  I felt a few twinges of despair inside when magnificent tigers, lions, and more were pacing mindlessly in small, constricted spaces with humans yelling, taking pictures, and carrying on at one side of their cage.  The videos are to show that the animals are in the "safe" zone with the humans in utter chaos in their "living' zone.  At one point, the swell of the humans become so great and frantic, that I could see how something like this leads to someone getting trampled to death.

Better than being chained by two legs, and hit in the head with a stick--hmmm.
White tiger hiding and sleeping on left side
(Short video clip below)

At least he is pacing in a large circle.
(Short video clip below)

The crown piece of the park was the lake

Joy!  The frenzy! The chaos! The insanity!

(Short video below)

They have the right idea.

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