Saturday, December 29, 2012

Racetrack, Calcutta

An extra day appeared in the schedule.  How fun, a free day so to speak.  Armed with a driver, anything is possible.  I had an inner pull to visit the racetrack and check out the horse scene in Calcutta. Traveling around the world looking at horses had prepared me for anything.  What a great exam question.  What is my current relationship to the horse world?

It felt settling to be in their presence.  The special texture of the their environment is always a fix for the people with a passion for horses.  It doesn't matter where one is in the world, the basics for horses are the same.  Ironically (probably not given that I was still on the magic carpet), I met a horse owner who really had passion for the horses.  Nice to see that there is a global community who believes in respect, care, and fairness towards animals.  We talked about what is needed in the horse community in India.  There could be a lot of job possibilities which could be fun to explore.

Test passed.  I saw a lot that could be improved, but I didn't feel the darkness well up inside.  India has really stretched my capacity an incredible amount. It didn't make me feel that I would have any less drive or intention to do the best I could with large challenges, but that I could swim in the pond without feeling like I would drown.  Little steps by little steps would need to be the approach--education and positive support would need to be the other ingredients in a plan of attack.  Who knows, it might be fun to move around the world as a consultant/problem solver.

Calcutta racetrack

All grass surfaces

Shed row

Shed row

Turf repair--women with a small trowel. It saves millions.

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