Sunday, December 2, 2012

A New Ultimate Vision

As a child going to the lakes in the mountains of Idaho, it meant hiking and swimming.  As an adult going to a lake in the mountains, it might include swimming and hiking, but it also can equate to serene contemplation, if is one is so inclined.  I see the mountains as the outer world and the work/climb of the daily process and the lake as the point to dive into self reflection/meditation for peace and inner tranquility.

Gurudev said we are all climbing up the side of a house to a place of peace, but our paths are varied.

A new ultimate vision has come into focus; Gurudev sitting at the base of a mountain on the lake's edge.  Nature has always provided a lovely internal resonance, but the thought of the guru vibration added into the mix equals pure internal and external divinity for me.  Jai Guru! 

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