Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Side of Power

Park bench living 101.  Taking notes because this is on the list of future possibilities. Noticing blanket color is good camouflage and being thin.

A definite oh-my-gosh moment.   Gurudev talked about power as what motivated some people to seek the Divine.  I had never considered that aspect, I thought it was purely for love.  So the people seeking power can end up down a darker side of the path and use their spiritual power in dark ways, (that can apply to students or teachers.)  But, power can come in a benevolent form which is also potentially an outgrowth of the spiritual process.   He shared a short story involving "power" and traffic on the street.  When cows and dogs move down the street, no one really notices, but if a tiger walks down the street, people will notice.  The tiger doesn't have to be bad, but he or she stands out.

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