Sunday, December 16, 2012

God's/Guru's Sandals

"We are all selfish."  Gurudev even threw himself on that list.  I haven't seen any glimmer of that in him, but I do in myself and others.  A condition of having an ego, desires, and attachments--part of having a body.

I asked if we are the guru's sandals; moving with contact to God/guru/faith on the topside and Earth/ego on the bottom of the shoe.  As the Divine Being walks across the Earth, we are provided opportunities to reduce our egos through work and grace.

I always giggle inside when I ask Gurudev a question and he says that he is thinking about the same question. It usually means that I won't get a "fact" by the answer, but there will be something to continue to consider and learn from.  A question with no answer.  For me, that is an answer and the depth of Absolute Truth in that no-answer is breathtaking in itself. (12/10)

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