Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Wrong Box

The mother kitty is very friendly who now visits us for dinner.
As I continue to examine the spiritual path, humanity, and my part in both, I still give myself a C minus.  I think the Divine made a mistake and put me in the wrong box.  It has been a remarkable experience full of new teachings, bizarre experiences, and a no nonsense view of life as most of us don't know it.  As I was driven around Calcutta observing the intensity of life (zero to one thousand in this city), there isn't a fragment of space not bursting with light or darkness.  The painting here is graphic.  This is true for all elements of space of course, but here feels and appears at the brimming-over level and not just the being level.

As the box gets jostled I see more clearly my disdain for game playing.  There is that truth factor again where I would rather get hit with a stick than hear some smoothed over version of the 'nicey-nice' game as a friend dubbed most of human's behavior who want to stay in the game.  As I go deeper, the desire for simple truth, simple living, and simple being is growing stronger.  My reaction to life is often still too temperamental, lacking patience, and full of awe/humor for the absurdity of human reactions--underlining my own.

Found someone on the street who was happy to take my sack full of food that was given to me for Christmas dinner--so many hungry people and I just walked a few hundred meters to find one outside the hotel. 

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