Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day Five Shantiniketan (Tagore's Living Legacy)

400 yr. Banyan Tree
Meaningful to take a day and learn about other parts of India's history through Tagore's Family Legacy. Morning in Calcutta, drive through the country where I saw a multitude of adorable baby goats, and on to the University, and back. Driving in India is a very unique experience too which doesn't appear to diminish when hurdling along country roads with cow-powered carts, wheat threshing on the roads, tractors, chickens, goats, and more woven in amongst the honking, gas-powered vehicles.

Tagore was a Nobel Prize winner amongst numerous outstanding phases of his life and the generations before and after him.  A notable part of India's educators, artists, musicians, poets, community development, etc.  Viewing the outdoor art installation brought me full circle to my university days with a minor in Art Studio. Fun!

Santiniketan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was here that Rabindranath Tagore started Patha Bhavana, the school of his ideals, ...Shantiniketan is famous for its Bengali themed food, especially fish curry. - Cached

(Short video clip: tour guide and rickshaw driver--adventure begins.)

Ashram built by "founding" family
Extensive outdoor art collection on the grounds of the art school.

Hanging dress
Flags with grazing goat and cow.
Entire building painted in this design.
Another house paint job.


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