Friday, December 21, 2012

Unanswereable Questions

Getting use to my unanswerable questions, but it is always lovely to digest what arises out of the question.  I was asking Gurudev about the two ends of the spectrum where I notice the same feelings in my heart: 1) on the Divine-side through sitting in his presence, reading, and meditating, and 2) witnessing extreme cases of neglect, disparity, and violation. Both are piercing, but the Divine side of the spectrum feels permanent/lasting whereas the neglect side feels temporary/passing. He said that part of our path is to go through all aspects of the material world as we head towards the Divine, but yes, the Divine side is the lasting side.

Right on cue, the question was pondered in the "The LIfe of Ramakrishna" during my afternoon reading--giggle.  Gurudev had commented that it was a question examined for many years, the book was first published in 1929.

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