Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two Faucets

"Respect and love"  Gurudev.

Two states of contact to the Divine.  After sitting with this, it feels like two faucets.  When I came to India, I had the respect faucet turned on immediately and it shared its' stream with fear (some inherent immense respect.)   The love faucet was on, but with a limited flow--discernment and caution were mixed in that stream.  With the immersion in the teachings, the respect faucet is ongoing and the fear is complete respect for the radiance, power, beauty, and truth of what Is.  The big shift is the love faucet, it is gushing and wants to be free at a point that could be flooding.  The increment of fear is now observing the immensity of this love--mine instead of Gurudev's or the Divine Genealogy.

What a teaching to observe the light of Gurudev merged with a mala that will find its way to a man on death row who has converted to Buddhism during his incarceration.  It was a request from a messenger and he obliged. A small window into the principle that all is One.  The uncontrolleable tears were set into motion

As the little white puppy jumped out of the junk car and landed on the ground, the layers of baby fat wiggled and rolled as it shook itself off.  Quite innocently it trotted off across the busy street with no thought of suicide.  The innocence and trust was startling in contrast to what looked like the inevitable. When to act and when to pray?

Next the Master says:  "There are certain characteristics of God-vision.  One sees light, feels joy, and experiences the upsurge of a great current in one's chest, like the bursting of a rocket."
(Ramakrishna and His Gospel)
I thought I was being prepped for Christmas as a lighted Christmas tree.

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