Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Is That Scent You Are Wearing?

What is that scent you are wearing?  It is probably lust or gold.  Ramakrishna keeps mentioning beware of these two elements.  My $/sex t-shirt that I wear while walking is probably a form of this.  The longer I sit in the presence of a Being without a scent, the more clearly it becomes that one is scented until no ego is present.  The manipulation game is played in an array of forms from sickening sweet to cold, ruthless brutality. 

The recent massacre in Connecticut is a very good example of just how crazy humans can be.  I spoke to Gurudev about it and it could really test one's faith in the Divine.  What is the bigger picture so some sense could be made of this heinous crime?  So much of the world is suffering. Gurudev had no answers, but he was very deeply touched by the involvement of so many young, innocent children.  My only hope for an answer is to stick to the path of God-Realization, so in some lifetime I might be able to understand. (12/14)

Children in Connecticut School Were All Shot Multiple Times

On a day of anguish and mourning, other details emerged about how but not why the devastating school attack in Connecticut had happened, including acts of bravery during the maelstrom.

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