Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wrong Picture?

While meditating lightly, I realized why every time that I look at Ramakrishna's photo it looks "wrong."  When I first read about him, there was no picture and my mind created a picture of someone looking like Gurudev.  I asked Gurudev if Ramakrishna looked like him when he was older, (maybe all the photos are of a young Ramakrishna?)  He laughed and made a prayer with his hands. 

So interesting to think about the world 150 years ago and such a remarkable Incarnation.  Gurudev said the world currently has lots of groups/views, but not one unified point.  The nature or the times and the nature of having very little light at the moment.

So infatuated with Ramakrishna's philosophies and how inclusive/comprehensive they are--flawless.  I asked why we haven't adopted them as a world baseline for humanity.  Gurudev said that most people don't have the capacity to perceive that level of perfection; it takes a highly evolved being and we are so minute in our capacity.  

Even with my less than a drop of capacity, the teachings are so beautiful.  Gurudev had to remind me to drink my tea as I was lost trying to imagine Ramakrishna and his life in Calcutta. (12/14)

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