Thursday, December 27, 2012


Rose Garden
As the path continues to unfold at such a remarkable pace, depth, and width. I ask, "Why me?"  I recognize with true clarity that I am basically incorrigible.  I looked it up and yes, the definition fits.

 Incorrigible - Definition and More from the Free Merriam ...
Definition of INCORRIGIBLE: incapable of being corrected or amended: as . a (1): not reformable : depraved (2): delinquent. b: not manageable : unruly. c: unalterable ... - Cached

Today, I was giggling that standing in line for the museum was like a sophisticated version of walking down the road to the gym. All of the pushing, shoving, crowding, "bad behavior," are done with refinement.  Instead of throwing rocks, I used my dry, sarcastic humor to poke fun.  In many ways it is very arrogant and ill behaved, but it is fun to point out the indiscretion (truth) and see what happens.  I have noticed that when one softens it with humor and laughter, it can be less traumatic.  At this point in the living game with mega-Divine downloading and awareness of minute details, should I get over the incorrigible behavior?  It may have to go on the surrender pile--humans are getting manageable.

Incorrigibility, is how I play the game.  The point isn't to attack, but to make a very clear boundary when the line is trampled.  We, me, or they don't always recognize a line, so the fun begins. As the incorrigible, I often walk on the edge of the line, just to the inside so I am not breaking the rules. It is a balancing act for the absurd.  The game begins from the line;  not the inside or the outside of the line, but at the line.  What happens next depends on the player(s): amusement, anger, frustration, humor, wit, and so on.  The ones who are not offended and play the game are the best.

Where and when did I start this game? Very, very early when authority figures were unfair, thoughtless, or disconnected.  Keeping on the inside of the line, I could frustrate and aggravate but not "get in trouble."  I felt like the authorities were often disrespectful, legal-hypocrites in a sense, so I had to find a clever way to hold the line and still maintain my role as the rule abiding youth.  Somehow, the game never changed as I became an adult, but the responses became more intense.  People generally don't like others to notice discrepancies in motives, actions, or accountability.  I see now that it is part of the human insanity plan, so is it time to let go of the game strategy?

Interesting outdoor museum with numerous cultural houses

Nice pond
Statue garden

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