Sunday, December 9, 2012

Never Satisfied

Am I seeing the job of the ego more clearly?  It appears to disturb us, so we are never still or satisfied. Yes, that ultimately leads us back to Source, but it is jumping, poking, quipping all along the way.  While experiencing high voltage bliss instead, do I surrender to it and follow the path of what fractured the high voltage pain?  Let go, but I have been caught off guard by this new state. Before, it has been in smaller chunks of time--apparently a preview?  The ego lies waiting, judging, and criticizing.  It is holding my hand in darkness and in light.  Why would I expect it to be any different, since I am learning that it is one and the same.

Ramakrishna  "To what degree we have succeeded in turning our mind to God so that, as a result, our whole life is transformed--this should be the criterion of judging our spiritual progress.  These are the real characteristics--the ones that have a permanent effect upon our life. Physical characteristics alone are not sufficient.  This should always be remembered."

Shri Ramakrishna and His Gospel
pg. 128

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