Friday, December 21, 2012

The Living Tree of Desire

Thank you Bhavani for the inspiration.  Heading to Ramana Maharshi Ashram where I hope to be walking amongst the trees.  It is lovely to know the search is within and that the guru, Gurudev is present along this experiential part of the path.

 Emi Miller.  

The Living Tree Of Desire

What do the roots of a tree sink into? 
That substance from which it gathers it's very life.

There is a Living Tree of Desire, 
existing with-in the physical ground 
of our body.
This Divine Tree lives 
as we breathe, 
desiring us to breathe 

This Divine Tree lives 
as we move, 
desiring us to move. 

It lives as we Seek to know, 
it is the very desire 
our Seeking 
to know. 

This Tree calls us to Love, 
and is very the desire 
leading us 
to Love. 

The root of our desires, 
while we are living 
in the physical  

is  anchored 
in The Divine Garden 
beyond this life. 

Accessed through the center of the Heart 
it carries the pain of our separation 
from The BeLoved -- 

this deepest of all 
of our desires, 

the Inner ache 
that can never be 
satisfied -- 

until we follow our root 
all the Way 


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