Friday, December 28, 2012

ISKCON in Mayapur

The structure is already big, but the new one under construction is ginormous (gigantic + enormous.)   Pilgrimage from all over. The website isn't over representing anything.  One gets a sense of the Vatican as the Catholic equivalent.  There were A LOT of people, very commercial, many shops, ATM machines on the grounds, etc.  Another variation of spirituality, (zero to one thousand from the morning to this.)

One of several entrances to the complex.
  1. The Spiritual Capital of the World. Home. Contact Us; Guestbook; SiteMap; Post Archives; Timeline; Links; ... (1486-1532) popularized the movement all over India. - Cached

    1. Welcome to the live webcast from the ISKCON Chandrodaya Krishna temple in Mayapur, India. What you can see. The cameras show a new live image every 20 seconds. - Cached

      Gateway to main temple

      Main Temple

      New temple to be ready in 5 years.
      Old and new for size comparison
      A shop for everything-conche shells

      (Short video below)

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