Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soup Served

Ashram flower
We all have turning points in our lives.  Yesterday's offering of everything was a turning point.  A willingness to go to "zero" for the path to the Divine.  It was an internal offering.  No words and only an internal dialogue for whomever or whatever needed to hear it.  In 12 hours there was a start of a response.

In the course of having my astrology examined, I didn't have any questions, since the experience was new and I didn't know what kind of questions that I could ask.  Yesterday, I had wiped the slate clean regarding knowing the future,  I am living in the present, and I already know the past, so Gurudev created a list of questions for me.  Based on our time together, he created a list asking my future involvement with spirituality, how I will be in service, and what direction my life might be headed.  He summed up all my beliefs, my process (blogging included), my intentions, and willingness to be an instrument.

To hear the manifesto of who one is from the mouth of a Divine Being is stunning.   I have always felt like an alien, so to experience being known, heard, understood, and accepted to the deepest part of what I could experience--another turning point.

It felt like I was being handed a bowl of Divine Soup.  There was no taste, smell, or texture, but it was of the most exquisite nature.

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