Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Divine's Design

As I closed the book from finishing part 2 of the Ramakrishna Gospel's, I understood the perfection of the Divine's design.  It was if I have been living in darkness and now to have a sense of what lives behind the maya. Everything is inclusive. How masterful to experience the perfection of Gurudev's presence and how masterful to experience the perfection of Ramakrishna's Teachings. Nothing more is needed.  As I knelt beside Gurudev, all I could do is pranam and utter, "It is all perfection."  He nodded and shared his experiences of Ramakrishna's principles.  

I am not Self-Realied or God-Realized, but somehow it feels like I realized God today or at least the Design from a very human perspective.

Ramakrishna Teachings:

As to how we should attempt to know the Atman, it is said in the scriptures, "The Self should be heard of, reflected on, and meditated upon."

While walking to the gym every morning, there is a "stream" that I pass by and I note the daily developments.  For a period of time, two pigs enjoyed rummaging through the ever growing supply of debris.  This morning I lamented that there were a lot of recyclables and wondered if I would have the capacity to wade into the formidable constitution of the "stream" and salvage them.  On my way home, there was a small crowd on the edge and a young man performing the task.  He waved with a grin on his face as I snapped the photo.  It made me reflect on the young girl defecating on the side of the road, waving, and smiling as I passed.  I have A LOT to learn and a lot to let go of!! (12/13)

Look inside the garbage maze for the human....

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