Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day Nine The Magic Carpet Is Returning To Jaipur

The light shows emerging for New Years
Has a single stone been left unturned?  I don't think any have gone unexamined:  horses, other animals, humans, plants, water areas, ego, culture, spiritual, life style, quality of life, destitute, wealthy.... on and on.

The morning was a walk down a few new streets and two cups of chai from the popular corner tea place. It was a drive-up instead of a drive through with a steady stream of cars getting curbside goodies amongst the foot traffic.


A visit to a nearby Rhada-Krishna Temple was next on the list. No photos allowed from the inside.  There were some of the most ornately clothed statues that I have seen to date.  They also housed several impressive crystal chandeliers and a very elaborate exterior.  No one was there, so I meditated in the expansiveness of it all.  Yesterday afternoon, there was a line of people to get in. The crew was starting to put up the control zones so the eventual crowd will be herded into line.

A photo from the car window--it doesn't even hint at the beauty of the structure.
The streets were quiet on the drive between temples.  Where was everyone on a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning?  The Ramakrishna temple was in line to the airport and I was feeling compelled to have a final visit. I was sitting at the end of the bed near the door and a light breeze from the Ganges was sharing the experience.  Reflecting on learning to meditate with a lot going on--just me and the Divine while sitting in stillness even as the stream of people moved through the room and outside the door.

While approaching the complex, I would get that drunken feeling that I often experience while walking to the ashram in Jaipur.  How lovely and what a privilege to take all of this in.  I don't usually get the puja, but I felt guided for some reason.  Wouldn't you know the priest offered two flowers with the spoonful of water.  I had been having thoughts of bringing a couple of flower heads to Ramakrishna, but better yet, I can now take one of these flowers to Gurudev.  From the feet of "old" Ramakrishna to the feet of "living" Ramakrishna.

The magic carpet ended at Gurudev's feet. How perfect to end the perfect journey at the feet of a perfect Master.  How does one ever begin to share the depth of gratitude for the grace.  As I sit in his presence, the tears come uncontrollably (also as I type this...).  Experiencing the journey with Gurudev/Pahari Baba as the inner layer and wrapped in a blanket of their presence while touching in/vibrationally tasting the Divine Resonance of the different touchstones to past living Divine Beings, was again life changing.   Not as life changing as meeting Gurudev and Pahari Baba, but life changing in the education of the field/matrix of Divine Beings.  The humbleness of what a speck I am.  The joy of being a speck in the endlessness.

The trip has produced an affect of being on fire.  It is wonderful to feel a furnace going while in the winter months.  The future is unknown, but there is a peacefulness with that state and an embracing of the unknown as part of the aliveness.  India is teaching me this and in some funny way, I am falling in love with aspects of India.  The unruliness and raw vibrancy complement my growing inner state.  There is a growing excitement from the idea of freeing myself from any responsibilities and a sense of renewed vitality.  I have always been highly charged, but this is with a lightness and refinement that is coupled to the inner stillness.

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