Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Will I Ever Get Use To The Quick Turnaround Time With The Answers?

The meditation started at the bottom of the ocean again, only I was clearly alone.  There was time to exam the aloneness before it turned into hollowness and then wholeness/limitlessness.  The ego's voice was present in the aloneness and then "The Voice" appeared in the other transitions. It fits with the lesson from yesterday.  During the transition to the limitless section, the thoughts of the kite and jumping off the ledge came back from past experiences.  My body wrestled with how to get from point A to B as it did when it was trying to find its way like a caterpillar out of a cocoon.  All familiar signposts that something was changing.  I could feel that my heart was stuck again, but this time it was a very small piercing area like a stem on a basketball.  My mind flashed on an umbilical cord out of the center of my heart--creative but there are never rules in these experiences.  It felt like that was going to be the key to a more complete merging into the new energetic field.  No expectations, but the withering of the cord transpired.  It changed the pressure in my heart chakra a lot, but I can feel there is more work to do.  When is there ever not more work to do?

The pattern to my learning appears to be experiencing something unknown, then I read it about it, and then I revisit the experience in some sort of "recognizable" form that I can articulate. Grace!

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