Thursday, November 24, 2011

Starting With A Single Stone

Religious temples can be developed from a single stone, I found out.  Someone places a sacred stone/statue in a location, people start gathering there to worship and pray.  A few more stones are added to enhance the site and so on until one day, there is a temple.  I am watching this development with a stone painted red that was on one of my walks.  Now the disciples have built a cement patio and house for the stones.
Phase One
Phase Two (I like phase one better-personally)
While I was walking in hollowness, I found a little Ganesha on the ground,  so I picked a place in a tree for it to be placed in honor.  Is this the beginning for a new sacred place?  One intention at a time. I see this in myself as I reflect upon the path.  As I explore this new field, it is in one moment of stillness at a time to watch the thoughts, actions, and reactions. My list of trigger points all appeared to help test the new zone--supervised hollowness was the watchdog.

As I went to leave the ashram, I met Gurudev in the shoe room.  More reflections on my past reactions of overwhelm, uncertainty, and shakti power surges.  There is always a moment of humility, stillness, and respect for the presence of this Divine Being, but this time (after pranam), I could look directly into his eyes and see the endless pool of love that he holds for us as a field and with an open invitation to join him.  Jai Guru!  A light full of love, wisdom, and truth that was otherworldly. He gently smiled and appeared to acknowledge the seeking of my "self" and moment of losing myself in the depth of his Being.  A powerful teaching and Divine grace.

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