Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Lint Screen Shifted

What happens post shattering?  I am always curious how "life" is effected after an energetic metamorphosis.  It was if I had been a bottle in the depth of the ocean (transparent to some degree, but a definite structure in tact) and then the glass was pulverized.  I am still all of the pulverized pieces, but I have more surface contact to the ocean and the form has changed.  Energetically, it feels like I shed another layer.  Not unlike when I hung up my superego cape.  For the first time, I feel like I am the light.  Instead of doing, giving, or receiving, I am being.  The being is radiating the light into all other actions.  There are no attachments to the actions.  No need to receive if I give or give if I receive--just light.  There is more clarity around my ego, but this is fragile territory.  The light feels powerful and limitless, but the voice of the ego is still present. It feels so luxurious to have the time and grace of the ashram to digest all of these changes.  

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