Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kali and Lord Shiva

It is nice to be comic relief for Gurudev sometimes.  There is a new picture out that is very different than the others.  I thought it showed one of the Goddesses killing a man.  My ego was probably hoping that there was some wobble in the good behavior program and that maybe there was a feminist moment that women had payback for men's bad behavior.  Kali is the Goddess.  The dead man was only pretending to sleep (Lord Shiva), so his wife might come to her senses while she was killing everything.  He asked if I had noticed that the "man's arm" was bent to the side in a resting position on his head.  I said yes, but this is India so anything is possible. Oh well, nice try ego.  "The meek will inherit the Earth..."

Scored an amazing wool mat to put under my mattress, a can opener, and a supply of fiction reading.  Life is getting luxurious.  

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