Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small World and Big Universe

Simple elegance and I watched her navigate a hill/dirt path like this. 

At the ashram, very fun to meet a family from India who is now living in the US and following the blog from Stateside--small world.

Created a short spiritual outline of the big universe:

1.  God eternal  involution/evolution
2.  Prana (living force)  and Akasha (matter)
3.  Sankyas (forces)
     a.  Tamas
     b.  Rajas
     c.  Sattva
4.  Purusha-Atman (individual pure soul)
5.  Mahat (intelligence)-subconscious, conscious, and super conscious
6.  Ahamkara (ego) self conscious
7.  Manas-Buddi (mind)
8.  Senses
9.  Organs for senses

Something good that I hadn't considered before, when you are washing with a bucket, it doesn't matter when the power goes off--even in the dark.

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