Monday, November 21, 2011

Depth Of The Ocean

Observing myself as I incorporate the new idea of yes, this is all really happening.  And no, there doesn't seem to be anymore excuses for the separation list.  Starting to get a better sense of my ego as a character/actor in the play.  It even has it's own voice.  I listened to the arguments and thanked it for the input.  The mind chewed through the layers until it reached the place behind the intellect where the earth became a playground. Now what?  The path has shown me to open and allow at these crossroads.  Everything internally was very still and then I found myself in the depth of the ocean.  The water provided the tension instead of gravity, so the ambience was different.  I have never deep sea dived, so I felt like I was reliving some aspect of prehistoric life before we took to the land.  From there it felt like I entered the involution/evolution of the cosmic soup, but it was different this time.  There was no picture, only the feel of energy streaming. 

I am starting to sink into these places amongst ashram traffic.  Interesting to watch the ego try and play the fear card at this new depth.  My Enneatype has fear as part of its intrinsic nature, so I may have it show up at every crossroad.  Although, my mind knows that "reality" lies behind what I see, so the fear card was connected to uncertainty more than actual fear.

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