Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Verses all night

Morning parade

Not sure what the celebration is, but they have been chanting over the loudspeaker all night.  Usually the road behind my window is quiet for a few hours (midnight until 4:00am or so), but last night there was a steady stream.  Just like the sitting, I am losing some of my sound sensitivity too.  When things get dropped or there are loud noises (which is rare) in the ashram, I barely notice.  The blasting of verses has a very different quality than listening to music on youTube/iTunes--more to learn.

Water is always available

50/50 chance that we won't have water in the morning, but it has never not showed up--eventually.

When you are in your late teens/twenties you have less expectations for how you want to live your life.  You are so busy doing that the quality of life isn't always as important.  I have very simple requirements, but I can see that I do have a few desired requirements.  At some point, I can always take a break and spend a few days in a hotel.  I am one of the lucky ones, I have choices.  The people who live below us and own the rooms,  have a tougher go of it--no windows, small concrete rooms with no ventilation for the bathroom and bathing area, multiple people to a room.  Ignorance is bliss?  There is a mental corruption of sorts from knowing a different quality to physical life.

Always a lot to think about from the world at large:

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