Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Courtship

Radiating truth, beauty, and peace

Getting to know the Guru.  It is an interesting courtship of sorts.  Is the Guru kind?  Is the Guru wise?  Is the Guru trustworthy?  Is the Guru attentive?  Is the Guru loving?  Is the Guru patient?  What is the Guru?  Who is the Guru?  Is the Guru a reflection of who you are or who you are not? I start to understand that the Guru is pure enough to be a guide to your true self.  He or She can hold the mirror up in a way, so you can see the truth within yourself.  Not holding the mirror in a way that you only see the best angle or light, but to see who you are--the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Of course, the mirror is held with humility and love, so there is only the smallest amount of distraction from still being in a body.

As I sit and reflect everyday,  I see that the pain is my own.  The waves on the ocean are coming from me and how I move through life.  As the disturbances on the surface become less, I experience a smaller and smaller place that I need to be as a human-and not a diminished place from hiding, but one from balancing on a smaller inner place.  The deeper I know myself, the more easily it is to balance without using the people and/or environment around me as a distraction.  When there is a ripple in the inner peace, it is up to me to examine why I lost my balance.  Sometimes it is like cutting yourself with a very sharp knife, you don't feel the cut, but you see the blood.  All sign posts for going deeper.

With animals, there is a sacredness to making eye contact.  So much is imposed or exposed in a stare--or even in a glance.  Why do I feel that it is almost excruciating at times to behold Him? But there is such a desire to look at such a remarkable light.  When I first came, I thought who is this "guy" wrapped in an orange sheet?  He possessed a quality unlike anything I had experienced radiating from a human.  As I move through the courtship, the core qualities of love, humility, and grace have never wavered.  My discernment antennae is always available, but I see that the wariness is against the truth of my nature.  He doesn't point his finger, raise his voice, use a stick, or ask anything of you.  He is the stillness of the water below the surface and he is inviting you to join Him.

The inner journey, unlike any trip or vacation I have ever experienced before...

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