Friday, August 26, 2011

Outward and inward awakening

Doorways: out and in

Whether it is selfish or selfless, one thing I have always been directed to do is ask questions.  I have always gotten in a lot of trouble seeking the truth of what I observe, hear, and experience.  It feels a bit like that territory again with my questions around the animals, naked men on the street, and so on.  The difference is that there is love and compassion in my heart while I ask.  I see the beauty and love of these people and I want to understand what looks so disconnected.  With gratitude, I am getting answers.

I also see that in my transformation process, the animal world is where the knife needs to go in order to help me to continue to 'wake up.'  These moments of falling down the stairs backwards are always opportunities to grow.    No one has all of the answers for how to move forward as a human in an ever growing interconnected world.  I can appreciate how viewing the differences is so powerful for my growth not to mention that of global consciousness.  Interesting too as I continue to listen to Eckart Tolle's audio of his book The New Earth, there is a way to effect people from a mental plain--reading, studying, etc, but the other more traditional way is from the spiritual--the internal spark, energetic transformation.

(Just look at how different the clothes not to mention the rest of our worlds--but I am humbly reminded that it is only a point of psychology/mental construction...)

While sitting in the ashram, I was reminded that staying present is the only hope for not separating into pain.  Learning to stay present in life--that is a continuous challenge and learning.  The ashram environment definitely lends itself to supporting that aspect of the lesson book.  While I was listening to Eckhart on my walk, I was reminded of the same, but more from a mental point.  Same information.  I have read and listened to that point countless times, but the "living" example is so powerful.  It is all still up to me:  what I do with the teachings, how I interpret them, and how I integrate them into my life practice.

Whenever there is an opportunity to ask Gurudev a question,  I am always deeply struck by his answers--  so to the point and 3-D at the same time.  How could this be?  He always includes the facet of the gem that we don't see or consider.

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